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Our go-to Recipes

Our motto when it comes to cooking:

Keep it simple and easy to transform into a second meal

A question we get from customers a lot is regarding various cuts of meat is "How do I cook it?" and then the second question is "Do I just serve it with mashed potatoes and a vegetable?" 

What we've realized is, like us, people stick with the foods they know how to make, so cuts of meat such as bacon, pork chops, chicken breast, steaks, and ground beef or pork are the popular buys. These are straight forward and provide quick and easy ways to deliver a delicious meal. Whereas pork and beef roasts, spare ribs, side pork/pork belly, stew beef, or whole chicken are always a little hard to sell for various reasons. 

To help our customers, we will be sharing different recipes for those less popular cuts and to help with seeing how roasts don't have to put for one meal, but show how a larger cut of meat can result in 2, 3, or even 4 different meals...helping your wallet and your prep time. 

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