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Our story is just beginning

The beginning of our blended family
When Les and Nicole met, they each brought two of their own children into the
relationship. Les with a daughter, Macy, and son, Logan; while, Nicole brought
two sons, Cooper and Luca. With a snap of a finger, their family grew to six
and they fell into a role of parenting and step-parenting, both trying to do the
best they could in the new situation.

Different parenting styles became clear early on, but similar goals and values
were shared. Both wanted the children to grow to be respectful, responsible,
ambitious adults who show compassion and kindness to others. They wanted
them to have morals and values such as good work ethic, honesty, and loyalty.
They found these lessons for the children through sports and promoting
different hobbies, as well as age-appropriate chores. Then, through Les'
passion and dream for starting a farm, the two realized that the simple act of
farming and all it encompasses provided lessons of respect, responsibility,
work ethics, along with compassion, kindness, honesty, and loyalty. 

Starting our gardens – a family hobby in the beginning

In year two of their relationship, the two took on the task of building raised gardens to invite and show the kids where some of their food comes from. The youngest, Luca, became very interested in the beginning, but as time progressed, it became harder and harder to get them engaged.   

That first summer was great – it was a hot, dry summer, so we had to spend a lot of time watering, but the vegetables grew in abundance. The gardens exploded with fresh tomatoes, beans, zucchinis, peppers, and herbs. We were able to process several batches of salsa, tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, and pickled beans to be enjoyed throughout the winter months. Everyone enjoyed the process of processing and pickling.

Expanding the garden and farm

Since the first summer, the two expanded their operation from three modest raised gardens to crops of garlic and peppers used fresh and to process into their popular blended powder line. They also added chickens, pigs, and cows thanks to support and mentorship from fellow farmers in the area.

From small 4-acre hobby farm to 130-acre farming operation

As the growing pains and limitations of their home and Battersea continued to cause more and more issues for the two, they were so grateful to finally find their forever-farm in August 2021. Moving to Enterprise, the two have continued their connection to their roots in South Frontenac while getting to know their new community. 

Now with a full herd of cows which they will breed as means of selling calves and pulling steers to raise for beef; a pasture full of pigs; plenty of grass to run their chickens on each summer; crops for their garlic and pepper operation; and fields to cut hay from, it's sometimes surreal for the two to think of everything they have accomplished since deciding to legitimately start farming in late 2017. 

The two look forward to the years to come as they continue to learn and grow with hopes of welcoming those to their farm who want to learn and see what its like to spend time on a farm. 

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