Meet the Meat

We are proud to raise grass and grain-fed beef, pork, and chicken

The Pigs

We raise Berkshire pigs and started breeding Berks in 2019. Our next round of pigs will be ready May 2021, when we will have non-gmo, pasture-raised Berkshire pork available for sale.  

We have a variety of pork available and are happy to sell pigs whole, halves, or quarters at a low hanging weight cost of $4/lb.

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The Chickens

We raise meat chickens using a tractor system where we move our chickens to fresh patches of grass each day while protecting them from wildlife. We raise them for nine weeks until they range between 4.5 - 8 lbs. 

Customers rave about how the chicken we raise is so much more filling and flavourful compared to what is available at the grocery store. 

Chickens are currently available. Buy one today!


The Cows

After two years of raising healthy, happy pigs and chicken, we are excited to now have Black Angus cows. 

We are currently sold out of beef; but will have more in December 2021.

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