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Fill your freezer: Bulk Buy

Beef Brisket

Know where your meat comes from

Thinking of ordering a side of beef or half pig?

Half: $4.60/lb
Whole: $4.30/lb

Price is based on hanging weight.

Plus any processing fees for smoking or sausage.

Next dates: April 23, May 14, May 21, 2024

Mixed Quarter: $7/lb

Side: $6.50/lb
Whole: $6/lb
Price is based on hanging weight and includes butcher, wrap, and taxes.

Next date: Fall 2024 date TBD

Click here to place bulk order.

Benefits of buying bulk

With rising costs of meat at the grocery store, more and more people are reducing the amount of meat they consume or are left only being able to afford lower quality meat. At the end of the day, food is a necessity and buying healthy food shouldn't be something families have to stress about - but in these times, we know it is. 


That's why, we have tried to keep our pricing as affordable as possible despite rising operation expenses. We also encourage our customers to consider buying bulk as that is the cheapest pricing we can provide and feedback from our bulk customers is that they see the savings throughout the year when they visit the grocery store. 

While the initial cost of purchasing a side of beef or half pig can leave some with sticker shock, it really comes down to spreading that amount across multiple months in comparison to purchasing that same amount over time from the grocery store. What customers find is they are saving money and they are consuming high quality meat from a farm they can visit and see the care provided to the animals. 

The other advantage of purchasing in bulk is that you get the cuts you want in the way you prefer (ie. thickness; fat cap, weight, etc). 


Get on wait list

Submit your contact information indicating if you would like to be added to the wait list for beef or pork bulk order. We will connect with you shortly there are for further details.

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