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***Early Bird Special on Quarter, Half, and Whole-Pig Purchases***

Only $4/lb if pre-ordered for August 10 run by July 15, 2020

We are currently taking pre-orders for quarter, half, and whole pigs going to butcher on August 10.


For $4/lb, you will be receiving approximately 100 lbs of Berkshire Pork (for a half) cut to your preference.

If you would like some of the pork processed, there will be additional fees for those cuts.

This is a big money saver that will stock your freezer with top of the line pork raised locally.

If you are interested, contact to book your half pig.

Please note:
25% deposit is required at booking. Pre-orders must be placed prior to July 15 to receive $4/lb pricing. 


Variety Pork Packages 

BBQ Package #1 (15 lbs) - $120
Ribs (3 lbs)
Bacon (2 lbs)
Boneless Pork Loin Chops (3 lbs)
Sausage (2 4-packs)*
Ground Pork (1 lb)
Whole Chicken 
BBQ Package #2 (15 lbs) - $110
Pork chops (4 lbs)
Ground Pork (3 lbs)
Bacon (2 lbs)
Blade roast (4 lbs)
Sausage (2 4-packs)* 
Pork Lover Package (12 lbs) - $100
Loin roast/Tenderloin (3 lbs)
Sausage (2 4-packs)*
Chops (3 lbs)
Bacon (3 lbs)
Pepperettes (1 package) 
Pork Sampler Package (8 lbs) - $75
Bacon (1 lb)
Pork Loin Chops (2 lbs)
Sausage (2 4-packs)*
Ground Pork (2 lbs)
Kielbasa (1 lb)
Pepperettes (1 package) 
Family Package - $110
Roast (4 lbs)
Pork Loin Chops (2 lbs)
Bacon (1 lbs)
Spare ribs
Side pork (2 lbs)
Ground Pork (2 lb)
Sausage (1 4-pack)
Whole Chicken  


Pork Snack Pack - $40
Pepperettes (3 packs)
Kielbasa (2 packages) 
 Variety Pack (15 lbs) - $100
Pork roast (4 lbs)
Boneless Pork Loin Chops (2 lbs)
Side pork (2 lbs)
Ground Pork (2 lb)
Sausage (2 4-pack)*
Breakfast Patties or Bacon (2 4-packs)
Pepperettes (1 package) 
Pork Starter Pack - $80
Sausage (4 4 packs)*
Ground Pork (4 lbs)
Bacon (2 lbs) 
*Sausage options: Mild Italian, Honey Garlic, Jalepeno Cheddar or Oktoberfest 
Individual Items: Ground Pork: $6/lb   Sausage: $10/pack    Bacon: $9/lb  Side pork: $6/lb  Breakfast Patties: $10/pack   Pepperettes: $10/package  Kielbasa: $12/lb, Roasts: $4-5/lb

Whole Chickens: $4.50/lb – Chickens range between 4 to 6 lbs 
 New this year: Half Chickens and various cuts – inquire about pricing and availability  

Angus Beef 
 Custom packages starting at $6/lb (prices depend on cut of beef) 

Scapes - $10 per bunch (25 scapes per bunch)

*NEW* Garlic Scape Powder (4 oz): $8/jar

*NEW* Dehydrated Garlic Scapes (50 g packs): $7 

Garlic: $10/lb  
Garlic Powder: $10/jar
Sweet peppers: $5/lb  
Jalepenos: $6/lb
Super hot peppers – Carolina Reaper, Ghosts, Scorpion, Scotch Bonnets, Cherry Bomb (Wiri Wiri), Lemon Drop, and Habaneros – Connect with us for pricing 

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