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Bring Home the Bacon and more...


When Les and Nicole started farming, it started with a small garden, three pigs, and 25 chickens. The goal was to raise and grow food for their blended family of six; however, it quickly grew as friends and family started asking if they were selling their meat and vegetables. With each new customer came another thanks to word of mouth and before they knew it, they needed to expand in order to keep up with the demand. 


Today, you can bring home their bacon along with a variety of cuts of their Angus beef, Berkshire Pork, and (in the summer and fall) Pasture-Raised Chicken along with a bottle or two of their coveted Devil's Blend or Garlic Powder. 

You can pick-up at the farm in Enterprise or Nicole delivers to Kingston, Napanee, South Frontenac, and Lennox & Addington on weekends.

We are currently building an online store to make ordering our proteins, veggies, and powders easy for our customer. In the meantime, here is our current "in stock" list and prices:


Bone-in Pork Loin Chops - $8.25/lb       Boneless Pork Loin Chops - $9.25/lb   
Bacon - $9.50/lb     Pork Belly - $9/lb      Butt roasts - $8.50/lb     Shoulder roasts - $8/lb    Fresh hams - $7/lb   Spare Ribs - $10.00/lb    Back Ribs - $12/lb   Ground Pork: $6/lb    Pepperettes - $6 per 7 sticks             Sausages - $10/lb (5 sausages)        
Gluten-Free Sausages - $7 per pack (4 sausages)




Filet - $24/lb   T-bone - $17/lb   Striploin - $15/lb   

Rib-eye/Prime Rib - $18.50/lb       Blade and Cross Rib - $8.75/lb     Chateaubriand - $36/lb       Sirloin tip - $9/lb         Minute - $10/lb           Sirloin - $14/lb     Flank - $14/lb     Eye of Round - $8/lb      Skirt - $9/lb



Rump - $10.50/lb       Eye of Round - $11.50/lb        Sirloin Tip - $10/lb        Short Rib - $11/lb      Cross Rib - $10.50/lb          Blade - $8.50/lb      Brisket (small) - $12.50/lb         Round - $8/lb


Braising Ribs - $8.00/lb          Stew beef - $9/lb       Ground - $7.50/lb       

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