Bring Home the Bacon and more...

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$4.50/lb - Currently have birds ranging from 4 lbs - 8 lbs

Pork (Berkshire)

Sold out for 2021 - Pre-order for January 2022
Half/Whole pigs - $4/lb hanging weight plus additional fees for smoking/curing, etc. 
Pre-order today!

Beef (Black Angus):

   Available in December 2021 - Pre-order sales being accepted
Quarters/Half - $6/lb 


Blended Line:

Devil’s Blend: $25 per 4 oz jar

Garlic Powder (Music and German Red): $10 per 4 oz jar (Pre-order for December)

Garlic Scape Powder: Sold out until 2022

Garlic Scape Nubs: Sold out until 2022