Bring Home the Bacon and more...

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You can pick-up at the farm or Nicole delivers to Kingston, Napanee, South Frontenac, and Lennox & Addington on weekends.

You can also pick up Blended Roots product at the Yarker's Farmers Market at 2 Mill Street in Yarker, ON. 

Pork (Berkshire)

Half or Wholes: $4.25/lb hanging weight - Pre-order for November 2022

Pork chops  - $8.50/lb                         Shoulder chops - $7.50/lb

Bacon - $9.50/lb                                           Side pork - $8.50/lb

Picnic roasts - $6.50/lb                               Butt roasts - $7.75/lb

Fresh hams - $5/lb                                Smoked hams - $6.75/lb

                                                   Ground pork - $6/lb                                                                 

Sausages (Mild, Hot, Honey Garlic) - $10 per 4 pack 

Gluten-free Sausages (Mild, Hot, Honey Garlic) - $9 per 4 pack

Gluten-free Breakfast Sausage Links (Mild) - $8 per pack


Beef (Angus):

Wholes, Half or Quarters: $5.50/lb - whole, $6/lb - side, $6.25/lb - quarter

As of August 27, we only have 2 halves up for sale. Can be used for quarters.

Pre-order for September, October and November 2022

   Steaks (Currently SOLD OUT): 
   Tenderloin - $23/lb        T-bone - $13.50/lb     Striploin - $11.50/lb (Sold Out)
Sirloin - $10.50/lb             Round - $8.75/lb (Sold Out)

Tomahawk - $30/lb (Sold out)   Wing - $8.25/lb (Sold Out)


Roasts (Currently SOLD OUT):

Blade - $7.75/lb    Round - $8/lb     Rump - $10.50/lb   Short rib - $11.50/lb

Eye of round - $11.50/lb     Sirloin tip - $10.50/lb    Cross rib - $10.50/lb

Other cuts: 

Braising ribs - $7.50/lb (Sold out)     Stew - $7.25/lb     Ground - $7/lb

Soup bones: $1.50/lb


SOLD OUT for 2022

Frozen Whole Chickens sold by weight range: 

$16: 3-4 lbs

$20: 4- 6 lbs

$25: Over 6 lbs

Blended Line:

Devil’s Blend: $20 per 4 oz jar

Garlic Powder (Music and German Red): $8 per 4 oz jar or 3 for $21

Garlic Scape Powder: Sold out until 2022

Garlic Scape Nubs: Sold out until 2022