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Blended Line:

Garlic Powder (Music and German Red): $10 per 4 oz jar

Devil’s Blend (Hot pepper seasoning): $25 per 4 oz jar

Garlic Scape Powder: $7 per 4 oz jar

Garlic Scape Nubs: $6 per 4 oz jar

Beef (Black Angus):

   Roasts (approx.. 3-5 lbs):

Blade roast: $27

Eye of Round: $30

Short Rib: $38

Round roast: $32

Rump roast: $38

Prime rib roast (small): $35


Filets: $18 each

Sirloin: $40 per package (3 lbs)


Other cuts

Stew (1.5 lbs): $14

Short ribs: $15 per pack

Brisket: $25

Skirt: $13

Flank: $15


Pork (Berkshire)

Oktoberfest and Mild Italian sausage: $8/pack (SALE)

Pork Chops: $8/pack 

Fresh Ham: $15 per roast

Butt Roast: $18 per roast

Picnic Roast: $16 per roast


$4.50/lb - currently only have small 3 lb chickens until summer

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